Disney+ Popularity Too Much For Servers – Unable To Connect Errors

Disney Plus Logo

***Update: 9:57am CST – Through the web interface, I am NOW only getting the error message on the home screen. The search page, Originals, Movies and Series pages all are working and I was able to start playing the Mandalorian without issue. It may be an intermittent issue. ***

It seems like the demand for Disney+ was too much for their servers to handle.

Many people, including myself, are reporting issues after the sign-up process. The main issue being users receiving an “Unable To Connect” screen similar to the one below.

Don’t worry though, while Disney knew the streaming service would be popular, they just weren’t prepared for the volume on sign-ups on Day 1. According to their Twitter feed…

So, just hang tight and I am sure all issues will be resolved soon. We’ll update this post if there is more information available.

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