Disney Plus – List of All 89 Animated Movies Available At Launch (And 9 More Coming In The First Year)

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Disney Plus (Disney+) launches November 12, 2019 to much excitement all across the country. It has one of the largest selections of animated movies from Disney, PIXAR and Fox but not all of them will be available from the start.

Below is the full list of just the “animated movies” that will be available to everyone at launch as well as the notable animated movies that are promised to arrive sometime within the first year. We wanted to put all content in one post but it is just too much to list.

To see the other “Live Action” movies that will be available, check out this post with the full list.

89 Animated Movies Available from Day 1

MovieOriginally ReleasedStudio
Cars 3 (Feature) (2017)June 16, 2017PIXAR
Moana (Feature) (2016)November 23, 2016DISNEY
Finding Dory (Feature) (2016)June 17, 2016PIXAR
Zootopia (Feature) (2016)March 4, 2016DISNEY
Good Dinosaur, The (Feature) (2015)November 25, 2015PIXAR
Inside Out (Feature) (2015)June 19, 2015PIXAR
Strange Magic (Feature) (2015)January 23, 2015DISNEY
Big Hero 6 (Feature) (2014)November 7, 2014DISNEY
Frozen (Feature) (2013)November 22, 2013DISNEY
Monsters University (Feature) (2013)June 21, 2013PIXAR
Wreck-It Ralph (Feature) (2012)November 2, 2012DISNEY
Brave (Feature) (2012)June 22, 2012PIXAR
Winnie the Pooh (Feature) (2011)July 15, 2011DISNEY
Cars 2 (Feature) (2011)June 24, 2011PIXAR
Tangled (Feature) (2010)November 24, 2010DISNEY
Toy Story 3 (Feature) (2010)June 18, 2010PIXAR
Princess and the Frog, The (Feature) (2009)November 25, 2009DISNEY
UP (Feature) (2009)May 29, 2009PIXAR
Bolt (Feature) (2008)November 21, 2008DISNEY
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Feature) (2008)August 15, 2008STAR WARS
WALL-E (Feature) (2008)June 27, 2008PIXAR
Ratatouille (Feature) (2007)June 29, 2007PIXAR
Meet the Robinsons (Feature) (2007)March 30, 2007DISNEY
Cars (Feature) (2006)June 9, 2006PIXAR
Wild, The (Feature) (2006)April 14, 2006DISNEY
Chicken Little (Feature) (2005)November 4, 2005DISNEY
Valiant (Feature) (2005)August 19, 2005DISNEY
Pooh's Heffalump Movie (Feature) (2005)February 11, 2005DISNEY
Incredibles, The (Feature) (2004)November 5, 2004PIXAR
Home on the Range (Feature) (2004)April 2, 2004DISNEY
Teacher's Pet (Feature) (2004)January 16, 2004DISNEY
Brother Bear (Feature) (2003)October 24, 2003DISNEY
Finding Nemo (Feature) (2003)May 30, 2003PIXAR
Piglet's Big Movie (Feature) (2003)March 21, 2003DISNEY
Jungle Book 2, The (Feature) (2003)February 14, 2003DISNEY
Treasure Planet (Feature) (2002)November 27, 2002DISNEY
Lilo & Stitch (Feature) (2002)June 21, 2002DISNEY
Return to Never Land (Feature) (2002)February 15, 2002DISNEY
Monsters, Inc. (Feature) (2001)November 2, 2001PIXAR
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Feature) (2001)June 8, 2001DISNEY
Recess: School's Out (Feature) (2001)February 16, 2001DISNEY
Emperor's New Groove, The (Feature) (2000)December 15, 2000DISNEY
Dinosaur (Feature) (2000)May 19, 2000DISNEY
Tigger Movie, The (Feature) (2000)February 11, 2000DISNEY
Fantasia 2000 (Feature) (2000)January 1, 2000DISNEY
Toy Story 2 (Feature) (1999)November 24, 1999PIXAR
Doug's 1st Movie (Feature) (1999)March 26, 1999DISNEY
bug's life, a (Feature) (1998)November 25, 1998PIXAR
Mulan (Feature) (1998)June 19, 1998DISNEY
Hercules (Feature) (1997)June 15, 1997DISNEY
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (Feature) (1996)June 21, 1996DISNEY
Toy Story (Feature) (1995)November 22, 1995PIXAR
Pocahontas (Feature) (1995)June 16, 1995DISNEY
Goofy Movie, A (Feature) (1995)April 7, 1995DISNEY
Lion King, The (Feature) (1994)June 24, 1994DISNEY
Nightmare Before Christmas, The (Feature) (1993)October 13, 1993DISNEY
Aladdin (Feature) (1992)November 11, 1992DISNEY
Beauty and the Beast (Feature) (1991)November 13, 1991DISNEY
Rescuers Down Under, The (Feature) (1990)November 16, 1990DISNEY
Ducktales: The Movie, Treasure of the Lost Lamp (Feature) (1990)August 3, 1990DISNEY
Little Mermaid, The (Feature) (1989)November 17, 1989DISNEY
Oliver & Company (Feature) (1988)November 18, 1988DISNEY
Great Mouse Detective, The (Feature) (1986)July 2, 1986DISNEY
Black Cauldron, The (Feature) (1985)July 24, 1985DISNEY
Fox and the Hound, The (Feature) (1981)July 10, 1981DISNEY
Rescuers, The (Feature) (1977)June 22, 1977DISNEY
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The (Feature) (1977)March 11, 1977DISNEY
Robin Hood (Feature) (1973)November 8, 1973DISNEY
Aristocats, The (Feature) (1970)December 24, 1970DISNEY
Jungle Book, The (Feature) (1967)October 18, 1967DISNEY
Sword in the Stone, The (Feature) (1963)December 25, 1963DISNEY
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (Feature) (1961)January 25, 1961DISNEY
Sleeping Beauty (Feature) (1959)January 29, 1959DISNEY
Lady and the Tramp (Feature) (1955)June 22, 1955DISNEY
Peter Pan (Feature) (1953)February 5, 1953DISNEY
Alice in Wonderland (Feature) (1951)July 28, 1951DISNEY
Cinderella (Feature) (1950)February 15, 1950DISNEY
Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The (Feature) (1949)October 5, 1949DISNEY
Melody Time (Feature) (1948)May 27, 1948DISNEY
Fun and Fancy Free (Feature) (1947)September 27, 1947DISNEY
Three Caballeros, The (Feature) (1944)February 3, 1945DISNEY
Saludos Amigos (Feature) (1943)February 6, 1943DISNEY
Bambi (Feature) (1942)August 13, 1942DISNEY
Dumbo (Feature) (1941)October 23, 1941DISNEY
Fantasia (Feature) (1940)November 13, 1940DISNEY
Pinocchio (Feature) (1940)February 7, 1940DISNEY
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Feature) (1937)December 21, 1937DISNEY

9 Other Animated Movies Coming The First Year

MovieOriginally ReleasedStudio
Incredibles 2, The (Feature) (2018)June 15, 2018PIXAR
Coco (Feature) (2017)November 22, 2017PIXAR
Planes: Fire & Rescue (Feature) (2014)July 18, 2014DISNEY
Planes (Feature) (2013)August 9, 2013DISNEY
Frankenweenie (Feature) (2012)October 5, 2012DISNEY
Mars Needs Moms (Feature) (2011)March 11, 2011DISNEY
Christmas Carol, A (Feature) (2009)November 6, 2009DISNEY
Tarzan (Feature) (1999)June 18, 1999DISNEY


While not every single movie and show that Disney has to offer is there for the launch, it is still a huge list of past and present Disney movies. For more information on Disney+ visit our Disney Plus page or try the free trial of Disney Plus here.

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