DirecTV Now – New Customers Get 3 Months For As Low As $30


Since it’s creation, DirecTV Now has established itself as one of the best Over The Top streaming services on the market. They have been steadily gaining subscribers, ending their debut year with over 1 million customers. With that kind of reputation DirecTV Now is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to cut the cord. Now is a good time to give this service a try.

DirecTV Now is currently offering new subscribers the opportunity to sign up and save $25 on any package, for 3 months. If you get the most affordable “Live A Little” package, which is $35/month, you will only end up paying $10/month for the first 3 months. That’s not a bad price for over 60 channels.

How To Get 3 Months Of DirecTV Now For As Low As $30


This deal is very easy to get. Here’s how to do it:

Keep in mind, after the first three months are up, you will be charged the full price of whatever channel package you signed up for. It’s a great way to test out DirecTV Now if the 7-DAY FREE TRIAL is not long enough for you to decide if it’s right for you.

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