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Finding the right streaming TV device can make the transition from traditional pay-TV services incredibly simple. Not to mention, most of these devices are incredibly cool on their own, and inexpensive to boot. You can stop stressing over monthly equipment & DVR fees, because even the most meager of streaming TV device will put your old cable box to shame.

If you’ve still got questions about cord-cutting and want more information, buckle up and get up to speed with our  exhaustive CTC guide.

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fire tv family

Intro to Amazon Fire TV

Being released as a smaller version of their Amazon Fire TV in 2014, the Amazon Fire Stick is a small HDMI based device plugged directly into your TV without the need...
apple tv

Intro to Apple TV

One of the most popular and older streaming devices, the Apple TV was released in 2007 running the familiar OSX software. Naturally, with many of the Apple products, it has access...
Roku Logo

Intro to Roku

One of the older streaming based devices, being released in 2008, the Roku has evolved through various generations of their online-content aggregating platform. Starting as a large router-like box, they have...
Everything-You Need to Know About Roku

Everything You Need to Know About Roku

Roku is considered a pioneer as far as streaming devices are concerned. The standard-definition Roku DVP was released in 2008 and the products have continued to improve since. Five generations later the Roku line-up includes features like voice control, 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range streaming.

The current generation devices range in features AND affordability. From $29.99 to $129.99, there is something in the price-range of every cord-cutter. If you’re considering cutting your cable subscription, Roku may be an option for you.

video airtv unboxing

Hands on with the AirTV Player and Adapter

In our first video, we take a look at the new AirTV player and the AirTV adapter from Sling. Let's have a look at what makes this device stand-out among similar...

Apple TV: Everything You Need to Know

There are a lot of streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV) nowadays and if you want to use them, you need a streaming device. Apple TV is a streaming device that you can use to watch movies, listen to music, play games, and view photos.

The most current (4th generation) version of Apple TV features a dual-core A8 processor, a new touch remote, allowing swipe-to-select functionality and Siri voice support, and a new operating system… tvOS.

There are 2 versions, the 32 GB priced at $149 and the 64GB at $199. Keep in mind that, since Apple TV streams content from a cloud without necessarily storing it, the difference between the two devices is buffering, not storage space.

Access all your streaming apps from one central device for a unified viewing experience. Not only that, but stream from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV.

AirTV device guide

Everything You Need To Know About The AirTV Player

The AirTV Player is essentially a tuner box brought to you by Sling TV. It allows you to access streaming services like Netflix and Sling TV. It offers voice search, 4K video capabilities, and a more intuitive remote than competing streaming devices, and access to local channels via an OTA digital antenna adapter.

There is no cost to use the AirTV Player but the device itself (box and remote) is $99.99. To access local channels, you need the AirTV Adapter for an additional $39.99. This lets you connect to a digital antenna and local TV.

A Sling TV subscription is not necessary to use AirTV Player. While you won’t be able to access your local channels directly from the Sling TV app’s Guide without a dedicated Sling TV subscription, you can simply hop over to Google Play and grab Google’s own Live Channels app, which will allow you to browse any over-the-air TV you have access to with the AirTV Adapter.

fire TV Device Guide

Fire TV: Everything You Need to Know

The original Amazon Fire TV box was introduced in 2014. Since then an upgraded 2nd generation Fire TV has been released with improved wireless connectivity, sharper images, and better reception quality. In addition to an improved box, Amazon released 2 generations of the smaller (1.1 oz), more convenient, Fire TV Stick.

Although it’s smaller, there is no sacrifice in quality. The Gen 2 Fire TV sticks now include enhanced wireless connectivity, a faster processing chipset, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, advanced graphics cards, and improved voice search support powered by Alexa. Internal memory is still set at 1GB with 8GB. It remains unlikely that Amazon will increase the available storage, especially given Amazon’s increasing emphasis on cloud storage.

All you need is a basic Amazon account to start streaming the best videos, channels, games and apps. You can use any of the available online video streaming apps on the Amazon Store to watch Fire TV channels.

google chromecast

Intro to Google Chromecast

Announced in 2013, the Google Chromecast has become one of the most comprehensive and affordable streaming devices to hit the market. With the original starting price of $35, it became one...