AirTV Player Releases ‘Local Channels DVR’ In Beta

As of today, February 26, 2018, AirTV Player is beginning to offer a free open beta test of their new "Local Channels DVR". The beta is available for AirTV Player customers....

The Next Generation of AirTV – An Overview of Facts And Features

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Sling TV and AIRTV Player Deals For November 2017

The holidays are upon us. Here's a look a few deals that SLING TV and AIRTV Player has to offer. AIRTV PLAYER Cord cutting has never been more efficient than with the AIRTV Player....
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Hands on with the AirTV Player and Adapter

In our first video, we take a look at the new AirTV player and the AirTV adapter from Sling. Let's have a look at what makes this device stand-out among similar...
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Everything You Need To Know About The AirTV Player

The AirTV Player is essentially a tuner box brought to you by Sling TV. It allows you to access streaming services like Netflix and Sling TV. It offers voice search, 4K video capabilities, and a more intuitive remote than competing streaming devices, and access to local channels via an OTA digital antenna adapter.

There is no cost to use the AirTV Player but the device itself (box and remote) is $99.99. To access local channels, you need the AirTV Adapter for an additional $39.99. This lets you connect to a digital antenna and local TV.

A Sling TV subscription is not necessary to use AirTV Player. While you won’t be able to access your local channels directly from the Sling TV app’s Guide without a dedicated Sling TV subscription, you can simply hop over to Google Play and grab Google’s own Live Channels app, which will allow you to browse any over-the-air TV you have access to with the AirTV Adapter.