Cord Cutting 101: Save Money on Your Internet


Cord Cutters generally flock to streaming television because they are fed up with the high price of their cable TV subscriptions. Many turn to on-demand (Netflix, Hulu) and live (Sling TV, DirecTV Now) streaming services to meet some or all of their TV needs. These services are often better and cheaper because they don’t charge you for hundreds of channels that you do not watch.

The Problem: When cancelling your television service, you often need to keep your internet – right? This opens the door for your tv provider to then jack up the price of your internet because you are no longer bundling it with the TV service.

Bundling services is great for the promotional period but after a year or two you get killed in the return of the “everyday pricing”. Don’t worry, you do have options once you are out of your contract:

Option 1: Contact Your Current Internet Provider and Ask For a Lower Price.

Before looking for alternative internet providers contact your current one. See if you can get a better price on your internet package. Threaten to cancel (don’t do it yet, just threaten). What is the worst thing that can happen? They say no and still charge full-price you anyways? Many of the major internet providers do not want to lose your business and they have dedicated retention teams to help keep existing customers. Many times you will be able to get a better deal if the provider knows that you are going to cancel service, especially in areas where there is high competition for internet. One phone call could have you hundreds a year in internet fees. If they are unwilling to deal it may be time to look elsewhere.

Option 2: Find a Different Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you’re not in a current contract and your current company is unwilling to provide you a discount then maybe it’s time look around and see what other services are in your area. There are a few ways to do this. Talk to friends and neighbors in your area and see who they use for internet. Do they like them? How reliable is the service? Get a feel for different internet service providers (ISP’s) and how they perform. Not sure where to start? We can help you with this too. Talk to a professional internet sales agent about services that may be available in your area. You can contact our internet team at: (844) 398-0505. Our team can see every internet option for your address and help you make a decision on the best options available for you. Click here for more info on how to contact us.

Option 3: Still Stuck in a Contract?

If you are stuck with your current contract there are still a few ways you can save some money. We will go into more detail on this in a later post but here are a few ideas:

  • Buy your own compatible cable modem and stop renting from the cable company
  • Buy your own universal remote, stop renting that from the cable company
  • Look at your bill and make sure you aren’t being charged for other items like Wi-fi Routers that you can buy yourself

Sometimes there may not be any internet options for you. It happens, especially, in rural locations with little competition. Maybe it’s time to move. (Just kidding.) Just hang tight. With the increased appeal of streaming television, more and more ISP’s are expanding and focusing on providing internet to rural locations. New companies are looking at new ways to provide internet capable of steaming media such as satellite internet and other forms of high-bandwidth wireless. It’s coming and eventually everyone will benefit.