Cord Cutters Don’t Have to Miss a Moment of March Madness

march madness

The NCAA Tournament has finally arrived, with 64 of the nations best college basketball teams going to battle. Every year proves to have unlikely upsets, blowouts, and game-winning shots that cement themselves in college sports history. But how are you supposed to keep track of the dozens of games as a cord cutter? The tragedy of potentially missing your alma mater win the big game thankfully doesn’t hinge on your cable subscription.

We’ll go through the various ways to catch all the games, guaranteeing not to miss a moment of the madness.

March Madness App (iOS & Android)

One great source to catch some of your favorite games comes in one convenient location, more specifically, without traveling further than the phone in your pocket. The official NCAA March Madness app, available on both iOS and Android, will be showing a many of the games live, streaming straight to your device for free.

The only downside is they will only be showing the CBS broadcasted games, with the rest being showcased on Turner channels (TNT, TBS, Tru TV). Luckily a large number of the games will be broadcast on CBS channels, including all of the Final Four games. In total 24 games will be shown for free on the app, with the other 43 spread across the Turner channels.

March Madness on PC

Similar to the mobile app, the same above mentioned services are available on desktop PC as well. Via, you can watch all of the CBS broadcasted games for free, with the most important Final Four games being featured. And yes, this also includes the handy “Boss Button”, an incognito disguise to mask your lack of productivity while at work.

Watching with Sling TV, DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue

But what about those games not featured for free on CBS? Luckily there are some great services that can supplement the games that are shown on the alternate networks.


Sling TV

Sling TV is showcasing all the non-free games, with Sling Blue customers having access to all of the TNT, TBS, and TruTV games. In conjunction with the free CBS games via the March Madness app, you’ll be able to watch every single game if you are a subscribed Sling TV member.

Playstation Vue

PS Vue is not only offering all of the CBS and Turner channels, but you can watch up to three different games via their multi-view feature. This means if your favorite team is on one channel, and a nail-biter game is finishing on another, you’ll be able to watch both simultaneously without missing a moment.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is also featuring everything but the CBS games (which are offered for free through the above-mentioned methods), providing all of the Turner channels. No matter which package you get through Direct TV Now, you’ll be covered with TNT, TBS, and TruTV being included with each.

Although millions of sports fans watch March Madness every single year, their viewership numbers have taken a sharp decline in the past few seasons. With many people (including some of you) opting out of cable packages, they are increasingly finding ways to accommodate through alternate means. This year will be the most internet-friendly version of the March tournament, seeking to provide all of the die-hard basketball fans the opportunity to witness all the heart-stopping moments.

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