How To Watch A Christmas Story Online Without Cable


A Christmas Story is a holiday favorite and a Christmas tradition for many people. The comedy is timeless and the entire aesthetic gives you a warm feeling. It’s set in late 1930’s – early 1940’s  Indiana and the viewer really gets a sense of the wholesome, mid-western, atmosphere. Anytime A Christmas Story is on TV, I can’t help but watch . This movie is truly a classic and a perfect family Christmas movie for the family to watch together.

The Main Story

A Christmas Story is presented from the point of view of Ralphie Parker (The Narrator) who is remembering Christmas from when he was nine years old. All little Ralphie wanted was a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. Although he wanted this, he seemed to be the only one since he was met with a ton of resistance from his Mom, his teacher, and even the Higbee’s department store Santa Claus. They all warned that “you’ll shoot your eye out.”


On Christmas morning, as Ralphie and his little brother, Randy, open their gifts, Ralphie is sad. As they work their way through the pile of presents little Ralphie is ultimately let down because he didn’t get the thing he wanted most… Or so he thought. When all hope seemed to be lost, Ralphie’s father, “The Old Man,” directed Ralphie to look at one last present that he had hidden. Ralphie opened it and it turned out to be the Red Ryder gun.


An excited Ralphie took the gun outside for an inaugural firing. He took aim and fired at a target on a metal sign in the backyard. Shockingly, the BB ricocheted off the target and shot back at Ralphie, knocking his glasses off. After all of the warnings, Ralhpie thought that he really did shoot his eye out. As he searched for his glasses in a panic he accidentally broke them by stepping on them. He tells his mother that an icicle fell and broke his glasses, and she buys it.

That night Ralphie went to sleep with his gun by his side. The narrator (Grown Up Ralphie) proclaims that this was the best present he had ever received or would ever receive.

In the other vignettes…


Although A Christmas Story follows a main story, there are many memorable short stories contained within.

  • The Old Man wins a “major award” in a contest, which turns out to be the now famous Leg-Lamp. The Old Man loves it but Mrs. Parker clearly doesn’t.
  • The Old Man is constantly tending to a malfunctioning furnace in the Parker home. 
  • The “785 smelly hound dogs” that harass The Old Man whenever he comes home from work. The dogs ruin the family’s Christmas dinner by bursting through their kitchen door and eating their turkey. This causes the family to enjoy a Christmas dinner of Chinese food. 
  • Ralphie and his friends (Flick and Schwartz) are harassed by the neighborhood bullies Scut Farkus and Grover Dill. Ralphie finally beats up Farkus.
  • And of course the iconic flag pole scene where Ralphie’s friend, Schwartz, is double-dog-dared to lick the frozen flag pole. I think everybody knows the result.

A Christmas Story Background

When people think of A Christmas Story the movie is most definitely the first thing that comes to mind. Many people probably don’t know that the film is based on semi-fictional anecdotes from Jean Shepherd’s 1966 book called, In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash. There are also components of his 1971 book Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories.

The film itself is a comedy that was created in 1983. It’s a comedy film that was directed by Bob Clark. Although it was released to moderate success, over time it has gained such adoration that it is televised many, many, times throughout the holiday season. If you tune into one of the Turner Broadcasting System networks (TBS, TNT).

How To Stream A Christmas Story


Since 1997, TNT and/or TBS has aired a marathon of the classic movie called “24 Hours of A Christmas Story.”  The Marathon features twelve consecutive airings of the film on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year it’s airing on both channels. Here’s a very brief list of the ways that you can watch online.

DirecTV Now

TNT and TBS are included in every DirecTV Now package. You can get the base package called “Live A Little” for $35/month. It comes with over 60 channels. If you want to try before you buy, it comes with a FREE TRIAL.

Sling TV

TBS and TNT are included in both of Sling TV’s main packages. Sling Orange is $20/month and Sling Blue is $25/month. Sling TV also offers a 7-Day Free Trial. It’s worth the try.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue‘s Access package is $39.99/month and includes TBS and TNT

Hulu With Live TV

You can watch TBS and TNT live with Hulu Live at $39.99/month. This includes access to the full Hulu on-demand library.

As a side-note, A Christmas Story Live!, is now available to stream on Hulu.


Now you know how to watch A Christmas Story Online without cable. There’s still plenty of time left on Christmas Day. Gather the family around and enjoy the goodness.


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