CBS and DISH Network Come to an Agreement and End Blackout


Here’s a short update on the situation between CBS and Dish Network.

A dispute erupted between CBS and DISH Network over the price of carriage. The most watched network in America, CBS, has been steadily increasing costs even though viewership has been decreasing in recent years. DISH though that an increases in carriage cost is unjustified and did not want to pay. This resulted in a blackout for DISH customers.

The day after Thanksgiving, after a 3 day blackout CBS and Dish have come to an agreement. Roughly 3 million DISH subscribers in 18 cities regain access to CBS. In addition to CBS, The Smithsonian Channel, CBS Sports Network and Pop are available again.

Service has been reinstated but CBS is still not allowing Sling TV to broadcast it’s channels, possibly because CBS has it’s own online streaming service (CBS Now). Although CBS channels will not be available on Sling TV they have recently agreed to provide channels to  DirecTV Now and YouTube TV.