Amazon to Resume Sales of Apple TV + Google Chromecast After Disagreement


Amazon is going to bring back Apple TV and Google Chromecast to the world’s largest online store. This is following the long two year battle with Apple and Google on its streaming devices.

Apple TV and Googles Chromecast are two powerful media streaming devices with access to many premium facilities. Apple TV presents access to dedicated apps through its iTunes store and Googles Chromecast opens up the Google Play Store. The release of the two have brought forth a whole new era for streaming and cord cutting. Furthermore it was great for entertainment enthusiasts around the world.


What Sparked The Conflict?

The spat began in 2015 when the eCommerce giant insisted that both the Chromecast and the Apple TV did not provide efficient access or barely any at all to their dedicated media app, Amazon Prime Video. In an effort to gain compliance, Amazon stopped selling Apple TV streaming devices.

However, in the last week, Apple added Amazon’s Prime Video to the apps available on Apple TV.

The Google situation is a bit more interesting for two reasons. Google is angry at Amazon for two reasons:

  • failing to use and support Google Cast (the technology that powers Chromecast) and
  • the retailer’s decision to not sell other Google-branded products – the Google Home for example

After the constant pressure of Google insinuating that they will pull their video-sharing app, YouTube from the Amazon Fire TV. In fact, Google said in a press release that the version of Youtube that Amazon was using in its product, the Echo Show, was unauthorized and a violation of services as users are not able to log in and leave comments. Based on these statements and the pressure applied – Amazon has decided to finally relent.

Being an eCommerce giant, Amazon’s marketing platform is perhaps one of the essentials for the Chromecast and Apple TV’s sales levels. Although they were pulled due to the company’s “lack of response”, buyers can expect to see the devices go up once again.

As of yet, while listings for both products have returned to the site, Amazon isn’t accepting orders. That will soon change and it is expected that the orders will start soon.

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