Amazon Prime Video Expands Into India


The world’s biggest online store is making new inroads into the world’s biggest democracy. Amazon is soon going to add more local content in India as it continues on its growth plans.

As the fastest growing market for Prime Video services globally, India has paid big dividends for the investment Amazon has made. The content available is not restricted only to Bollywood movies though – there is an extensive library of films from other regions of the country also.

As James Farrell, Asia Pacific content head stated, “We want to figure out how do we do more in the South.”

Offering original programming in Hindi and with access to a massive library of programming in five regional languages, Prime Video has something for everyone.

James mentioned that they are looking for opportunities for original programming in the South also when he said, “We haven’t announced any originals yet from the South, but we are looking to do as much as can be done.”

As the cost of data continues to decline throughout the world, streaming content continues to grow in depth and popularity. India is key to Amazon’s plans with projections currently forecasting India’s media and entertainment industry to produce more than $31 billion in two years. It’s safe to say that in less than one year since launch, Amazon is definitely on the right track!


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