Amazon Fire TV 4K And Echo Dot Deal

amazon 4k echo dot deal

Have you been considering buying one of the new Amazon Fire TV 4K HDR streaming devices?


Amazon Fire Stick was already one of the “hottest” ways to cut the cord around, as it allows users to view programming from a large number of streaming apps, including Amazon’s own Prime Video. To add a cherry to the top of an already great product, Amazon reveals the Amazon Fire 4K HDR, which has features that the original model does not, including 4K HD streaming.

This device looks to change the way that you view streaming television by providing a picture experience unlike any that you may have seen before. If this device already sounded great to you, Amazon had to go a sweeten the pot just to push you even closer to a purchase. If you buy right now, you can get the Amazon Fire 4K and an Echo Dot device bundled together for just $80.

For those that don’t know what the Echo Dot is, this device is the one that you may have seen in a lot of recent commercials that you are able to talk to (Using the name “Alexa”) to do various functions. In the case of the Amazon Fire TV 4K, the function in question is the ability to control your television hands-free by simply giving instructions such as, “Alexa, start Hulu”.



This bundle, under normal circumstances, would cost around $120 for the two devices, giving the customer over $40 in savings. This essentially gives you the Echo Dot device for $10 dollars (normally $50) to go along with the normal $70 price of the Amazon Fire 4K. Not only that, but this package deal is actually cheaper than if you were to buy both the Echo Dot and the older Amazon Fire model together!

You can preorder this package deal right now for when the Amazon Fire TV 4K releases on October 25th, and if you do decide to preorder, you can throw in an HD Antenna for your local channels for just an additional $5.

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