AirTV Player Releases ‘Local Channels DVR’ In Beta


As of today, February 26, 2018, AirTV Player is beginning to offer a free open beta test of their new “Local Channels DVR”. The beta is available for AirTV Player customers. As the name implies, this feature allows the user to record free over-the-air (OTA) channels. This means that you can record local and network channels like CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. An external storage device is required to record over-the-air content with the Local Channels DVR.


The AirTV Adapter makes it convenient by allowing you to connect your OTA antenna to your AirTV Player. The Local Channels DVR feature joins Sling TV’s Cloud DVR giving you access to all of your recorded OTA shows AND any over-the-top content you record. In other words, you can record shows that you stream via Sling TV AND shows recorded using your antenna, and you can access them from the same place.

A Word From AirTV

Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV, said this about the Local Channels DVR. “AirTV continuously pushes to meet consumer demand for a better cord cutting and OTA experience. With the introduction of Local Channels DVR and the existing Sling TV Cloud DVR on AirTV Player, customers can now watch and record both OTA and OTT programs, imitating traditional pay-TV for a fraction of the cost.”

Local Channels DVR Features

  • To store content that you record you need to purchase an external hard-drive or thumb-drive. The external storage must be connected to the AirTV Player to record/watch recorded OTA shows. AirTV Player supports storage devices up to 1TB. Storage capacity is dependent upon the size of the external storage device that is connected.
  • The Integrated DVR Menu displays recorded OTA content in the same menu as Sling TV Cloud DVR content. OTA content is identifiable from Sling TV DVR recordings with an OTA icon. The menu displays your shows in alphabetical order and shows the date they were recorded. It also lets the user know the remaining storage on the Local Channels DVR and the Sling TV Cloud DVR.
  • Local Channels DVR lets users record one show at a time. Users can choose to record a single-episode from a series or an entire series. Once a show is recorded, the user can fast-forward, rewind, and pause content.

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